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Private Schools

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Preparing your son or daughter for the future starts with choosing an appropriate academic setting. Private schools and colleges represent a significant financial investment, which is why finding the right school to help your child maximize his or her potential, both academically and socially, is one of the most important decisions you will make.


The process for applying to preschools is unique.  In order to present you with an appropriate list of schools, it is essential that we fully understand your academic and social needs and desire as well as the location of the schools you are considering. 

To expedite this process, you should bring with you for our first meeting pertinent material so that we will fully understand your child’s needs and your expectations. We will discuss with you the philosophy of each school, their mission, and help you match the appropriate placement.

  • Compiling a list of schools to match the family’s philosophy
  • Help with understanding the admission process
  • Develop a time line

Private Day Schools

When selecting an appropriate school for your child, a number of factors must be examined.  This procedure often includes the entire family and must be fully understood.  Determining your child’s needs, passions, desires, and skills is the first step in understanding the proper placement for your child. There is no reason for this experience to be filled with anxiety.  In order to take the pressure off the entire family our process involves:

  • Compiling a detailed intake of student’s educational background
  • Determining the needs of both child and family
  • A deep understanding of the philosophy of each school you are considering
  • Matching schools to your child’s interests and talents
  • Determining the timeline
  • Assisting with the evolution of child’s essays and application
  • Advising on standardized testing process
  • Understanding of school visitations
  • Following the student from the initial visit to his/her final decision

Boarding Schools

Many families who believe in a private education for their middle and high school students are turning to boarding schools for their answers.   The advantages that this experience brings to a student and a family can be significant. Elimu Search will outline the differences between boarding and day schools, examining the pros and cons for each individual family. The process is similar to applying to private day schools, although there are specific differences that must be discussed. This process involves:

  • Meeting/communicating to review previous academic reports in detail
  • Determining the needs of both child and family
  • Selecting a list of schools that meet the student’s  needs, passions, and desires
  • Understanding of the philosophy of each boarding school you are considering
  • Determining a dead line for the student’s admissions process
  • Following the student from the initial visit to his/her final decision
  • Communicating with admissions personnel at schools being considered.


A very exciting time in a student’s life is when she/he approaches the college experience.  There is no reason for a student and the family to be anxious during this process, for this is a time for discovery and a time to look forward to a new and adventurous chapter in a student’s life as the planning of career goals begins.

By eliminating the pressures and anxieties that often accompany this process, we will turn this into an exciting and gratifying experience.

To begin the process, Elimu Search will look carefully at accomplishments to date, and helps construct a road map for future goals, desires and expectations.  The College Search process includes:

  • Reviewing all previous academic records and evaluations
  • Establishing a list of appropriate Colleges and Vocational Training Institution
  • Discussing campus visitations and Holidays
  • Informing and Guiding the Interview deadline
  • Guiding on application and enrollment process
  • Meeting/Communicating regularly with student/parent throughout the joining process
  • Determining career options and suitable majors