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Thinking of Family or Student Relocating?

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If a family /Student   thinking of relocating to a new area, whether domestically or from outside the country, the education of their children is always a prime concern. The question that is often raised is, Should we consider the public schools in our new community or should we consider Private school options? Each family is unique and each member of the family has specific needs or requirements.

Elimu Search Tanzania can help you with this process. Understanding the surrounding towns and making this decision, without the assistance of a consultant can be time consuming and exhausting.

Our firm can save you time and energy. We know what the public and private educational sectors have to offer, their registration validity and we can alleviate much of your anxiety and confusion. There are no mysteries to this process, but without the knowledge, much time can be wasted and poor decisions can be reached. This is the area where Elimu Search play Smart.