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Connecting Schools to Communities

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Elimu Search is schools searching consulting Agency that helps Family/Students to find the best schools/Colleges to meet the unique needs and expectations of their child. We also place a strong emphasis on assisting college-level students in selecting schools that meet their individual needs. Elimu Search is a resource for parents, educators and the community to give readily accessible information about schools, Colleges and Vocational Training Centre

 www.elimusearchafrica.com  aims to cover all private schools within the defined Major Regional area with their address and basic details in case you prefer to contact the schools direct. However, a large number of parents prefer to use our bespoke placement service to identify targets, establish vacancies, arrange visits and then decide on the final choice.

Selecting Our School Members.

We take into account a large number of factors including teaching quality, class sizes, pastoral care, facilities, distance from home etc. However, we have a unique approach to school choice. We believe most parents commit to private education on the basis they want their children to progress to very good academic results. Thus a significant part of our advisory process relies on identifying the chosen target Primary schools and then ensuring the desired school offers the best chance of securing the next high schools target.

 Our Firm help parents to unlock educational opportunities for their children. We provide school information to help thousands of families choose the right school, and guide their children to great futures. Elimu Search Tanzania we also provide a specific school’s Academic information search to our Clients (Students/Parents)  so as to let them make the right decision before joining or relocating. Choosing the right school is a time of reflection for the entire family as you work as a unit to promote your child’s interests, passions, and needs. With the guidance of Elimu Search, this process is one to be enjoyable, exciting, interesting, and most importantly, rewarding.

 As educational search Consulting agency we are responsible for guiding you through this process and ease the stress that often occurs when parents and students cannot differentiate among school choices. Not only will help you understand the process, but we will also provide you with direction so you and your family will not waste time and energy visiting the wrong institutions.

The publication of data on Elimu Search’s Official Website allows educators to share information about school achievements and characteristics with the aim of supporting and driving school improvement across Tanzania. At the same time Elimu Search provides valuable information to Parents help them to make informed decisions about their child’s education.